Time to be free....

Time to be free....
Sometimes you have to dance to the music that's playing...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The changes in my life have taken over and I seem to have morphed into someone that is almost foreign to me.
I no longer have to worry about where money is going to materialize for gas in my car, or food on my plate. Yet, in stepping into a world of better financial stability after so long in a life of daily fear, I wonder now of the sacrifice and where it will lead me. Time seems to be less of a commodity and more allusive. Spirituality seems to have been set temporarily aside. Self analysis sets in during the more frequent alone times.
Life and the paths we choose to take happen for a reason that is sometimes unknown to us until later, when we have that "aha" moment of awareness.
Not to rush time, because it runs too fast as it is, but I'd like to have that "aha" moment sooner than later. I'm at a need-to-know stage in my life, where decisions I may make will be better ones than I have made in the past.

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